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Bait Bus

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Also mentioned as Bait-Bus paysite or BaitBus pornsite

Bait Bus detailes

Categories Strapon, Bizarre
Billings Own billing
Prices $ 4,95 for 3 days access recurring
$ 23,95 for 30 days access recurring
Rating starstarstarstar
Company Bangbros Online (31 sites total )
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Bait Bus

Bait Bus porn site

Bait Bus review

Access to the best original gay content on the web. See all the unsuspecting Men that have been baited into the bus. Our hot model gets them in and our stud on the sly takes care of the rest.

 - Full length movies of each model broken down into clips or streaming formats for your convenience with accompanying pic galleries.

- See for yourself how these straight men react after finding out that they just got a blowjob from a man!

Hey guys what's going on? This week we have a new and interesting episode for all of you. Well what happened was that we were looking for some fresh meat for Jamie (like always) and we really couldn't find anyone at all. Jamie was extremely horny, so I proposed for him to let Cameron fuck him in the ass with a strap on. He had to think about but he really had no choice, he was horny and he wanted to get off. We headed for the sex store and bought a nice little strap on. It was really funny but it was also very hot to watch these two fuck. I suggest you guys do not miss this one.

Reviewer: FetishMan

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Free samples of Bait Bus

so we were officially on the lookout. We happened to spot this cute guy handing out flyers and turns out he is the drummer from a local band. - free picture gallery of Bait Bus
But he wasn't convinced until we offered $50. After a few questions here and there, Jessie pops out her tits and the party starts from there. - free picture gallery of Bait Bus
If only they knew what was really going to happen! The first guy seemed like a good candidate, but he let us down and turned out to be a dud. - free picture gallery of Bait Bus
So with Tucker in tow, we catch this cute Cuban guy, Mario, chilling at the bus stop. We ask him to help us out with this little school project we have going. He didn't want to, but once we offer him - free picture gallery of Bait Bus
So as we are driving through the neighborhood, we spot this hottie mowing the lawn. - free picture gallery of Bait Bus
We get him to accept a BJ from Vanessa, but when the blind fold comes off its not who he was expecting to see. Watch as this gets intense. Enjoy - free picture gallery of Bait Bus
Unfortunately he wasn't to pleased to see who was giving him the relief. See what his price was! Enjoy - free picture gallery of Bait Bus
He spent the rest of the little bit of money he had saved up, not the smartest thing to do right after losing your job. - free picture gallery of Bait Bus
Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on this one, its interesting to see how this unfolds. - free picture gallery of Bait Bus
Told him we can give him a free ride in exchange for his time. Once inside he couldn't get enough of Vanessa. - free picture gallery of Bait Bus

Yo! It's Friday, time for another Bait Bus! Jake decided to join us again for another hunt for some straight bait. He was in the mood for a bad boy - free movies gallery of Bait Bus
Is there anything more bad boy than a guy in a rock band? We told him Vanessa and Jessie would help out with the flyers and that we would do a music video for his band if he got in the van. - free movies gallery of Bait Bus
Jake was quick to jump on the cock and do what he does best. The bus got a little heated once he found out what was really going on, but money talks - free movies gallery of Bait Bus
Another day crusing the streets of Miami looking for some straight cock, and we come across this boxer training. We ask him to do an interview for us for our school project, - free movies gallery of Bait Bus
He was perfectly fine getting a blowjob but he couldn't seal the deal. We couldn't let our friend Phillip go out like that though. - free movies gallery of Bait Bus
So who is ready for some double trouble? Today we have two studs that want to get into the porn biz, so what better way to con them then to tell them they are going to try out for straight porn? - free movies gallery of Bait Bus
Once he got inside, he couldn't get enough of Vanessa's tiny shirt. We used her to get him naked and WOW for such a skinny guy, Mario sure had a HUGE surprise for us. Lucky for Tucker! - free movies gallery of Bait Bus
Welcome, fellas! Today we have longtime fan of the Bait Bus, Tucker, taking a ride with us! He's been watching us for a long time and now we're going to give him the opportunity to take advantage of s - free movies gallery of Bait Bus
He takes his pants off for Vanessa right away and the second she blindfolds him, John goes to town, sucking his hard cock and big balls. - free movies gallery of Bait Bus
He deserves it, doesn't he? So when we're driving around and we see this burly construction worker, we convince him take a ride. - free movies gallery of Bait Bus

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